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10 Things I Love About Leeds – My Yorkshire Day Tribute

Ee by gum it’s only bloody Yorkshire Day! Much like gay pride, it’s a day to celebrate all things ‘Yorkshire’ but with fewer rainbows and glitter and more flat caps and gravy. To outsiders, an old Yorkshireman may appear to be grumpy, abrupt, miserable and possibly racist(?) but there are a lot of folks with some true northern charm.

We’re a rare breed from God’s Own Country that tends to scare southerners, we speak to strangers, we sit with randomers in beer gardens and we’re not afraid to talk on public transport. Sure, Yorkshire may not be the epicentre of the UK’s cultural hub, but that doesn’t mean we’re left behind in the dark ages. As you may have heard, Channel 4 will be branching up north to Leeds in a bid to add diversity to their channels and I personally can’t wait.

When I was younger, Leeds was just a place I lived and I didn’t see it as a ‘forever home’ and to be honest, I still feel that way. Although the older I get the more I’ve grown to love and appreciate Leeds for what it is. After all, I bought a house here last year (which I’m still trying to decorate and jazz up).

So why do I love Yorkshire so? I’m glad you asked because I’ve compiled a little list to help explain.

10 Things I Love About Leeds this Yorkshire Day

1. We have one of the friendliest accents in the UK – fact. Who doesn’t feel warm inside when they hear a jaunty “ey up chuck” from an old man smoking a pipe who you’ve never met before. It’s a great feeling and Yorkshire folk are famous for it.

2. Like my first point, people actually say hello to you in the street. You don’t have to know someone, we’re not fearful southerners. We enjoy a cheery smile and a greeting as we cross someone on the street, we’ll have a conversation with a cashier and say thank you to the bus driver. There’s nothing wrong with being nice. I once got a very judging look from a lady who I helped on the London Underground. I grabbed the front of her pram to help her up the stairs and I think she genuinely thought I was stealing her baby, all I had to say was “I’m northern” and she immediately relaxed and thanked me for the help.

3. We’re the home of Yorkshire Tea! Short and sweet, Yorkshire Tea are the best teabags around. Fight me.

4. We have a thriving art community. Yes, many an artist has had an impact in Leeds and the Yorkshire county in general. People like Damien Hirst, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore to name just a few have all influenced the art scene in the North. Leeds Art Gallery constantly brings in incredible pieces to view (for free I may add) and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a hugely popular tourist destination.


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5. Not just a great night out, but Leeds’ big gay nightlife in general always gets me going. Leeds has a vast array of bars, nightclubs and pubs with thriving communities and atmosphere. It may come as no shock to you, but I like to frequent the gay bars. 💁🏻‍♀️ Why? It’s fun!

The Viaduct Showbar has been a long-running love in my life thanks to its camp array of music, drag shows and the fact that I can turn up wearing some rather questionable outfits without feeling in any danger.

6. Gravy, ooh we like gravy. Chips and gravy = nom nom nom. 🤤 Sounds gross but my god it’s good. To quote my friend (and fellow blogger) Elisha, “Gravy is mother’s milk” and she’s not wrong. Check out her list of Yorkshire pride here. Nobody likes a dry roast dinner, gravy is heaven – which swiftly leads me on to my next point.

7. It’s not just gravy, the humble Yorkshire Pudding is a British classic that we all love and cherish dearly – you’re welcome.

📸 by Harry J Bartlett for Gordon Rhodes

8. Our tap water tastes better than London. You can’t beat that smog-free Yorkshire water. Fresh from happy little reservoirs filled with love and cleanliness. You won’t get that eggy smell and foisty taste from a Yorkshire tap.

9.We have Tulisa headlining Leeds Pride this year… All jokes aside, Pride will be a hoot, but Tulisa?!

10. And lastly, I live here 💁🏻‍♀️. The stunning, gorgeous and humble legend that is Harry J Bartlett is here to party, what more could you want?!

If I haven’t convinced you that Yorkshire is great yet, you have a heart of stone and a painfully strong alliance to your own town.

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