Photography & Styling


Inspired by Roisin Murphy’s ‘Overpowered‘ album artwork which featured the singer wearing an eclectic mix of high fashion attire.

Mixing the mundanity of a weekly shop and general routine with the eccentricity of wearing unique and braggadocios fashions.

The garments used were created by 3rd year Fashion Design & Performance Sportswear Design students from Falmouth University.

Photography & Styling


Glitches and errors that can occur within technology such as a screen error, data-moshing or unreadable files.

This project has now been studied at Thomas Alleyne’s High School in Uttoxeter as part of the school curriculum.

Since this project, I have had numerous A-Level students contact me about my project as they are currently studying my work in their photography lessons.

The most surprising part was that these students were all from different schools. It would appear that I’m now on the A-Level photography curriculum.

Photography & Styling


Focussed on the grim conditions of drug-filled squats and the acid-trips in unsanitary dens.

This was an interesting editorial to work on as it was my first chance to experiment with equipment used by Marine & Natural History photographers.

Photography & Styling


Scar Gazing was a self portrait shoot I worked on in my final year of my Fashion Photography degree at Falmouth University.

Inspired by Jackie Stallone, Amanda Lepore and Donatella Versace, the shoot is based on the growing trend of women and their desire for cosmetic surgery.

I wanted to shoot this in quite a voyeuristic way so I tried to capture a paparazzi style approach that you would see in a gossip magazine of women arriving/leaving a clinic.