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Squatters by Harry J Bartlett


Squatters is an editorial which was part of my Urban Youth project. Furthermore, this shoot focussed on the grim conditions of drug-filled squats and the acid-trips in unsanitary dens.

This was an interesting editorial to work on as it was my first chance to experiment with equipment used by Marine & Natural History photographers. In fact, it was my first time photographing insects at all so it was an experience in itself to catch and capture the bugs for photographing.


squattersfly eyered beetlebeetle stripes

This editorial faced some struggles, with lighting equipment failing before we even began shooting. We had to adapt and work around the issues to take the shoot in a new direction.

Photography+ Styling: Harry J Bartlett
Models: Jade Fox Willis & Edward Napier
Make Up: Joshua Mitchell-Fowle
Wildlife Photography Assistant: Jack Mortimer
Assistants: Abbie Stern & Danielle Wren

Harry J Bartlett

Digital Content Creator, lover of fashion, drag queen connoisseur and all around phenomenal human being. If I had to describe myself in 3 words I would say; Gorgeous, Talented and Humble.

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