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SCAR GAZING by Harry J Bartlett

Scar Gazing was a self portrait shoot I worked on in my final year. It played a big part in my portfolio for my Fashion Photography degree at Falmouth University. This mini editorial was part of my Urban Youth project.

The Inspiration

The shoot is based on the growing trend of women and their desire for cosmetic surgery. Inspired by Jackie Stallone, Amanda Lepore and Donatella Versace.


Three pairs of prosthetic lips were made for the shoot. The lips were styled to look like a variety of rich, powerful women that you may see in the media.

I’d wanted to shoot this in quite a voyeuristic way. So I tried to capture a paparazzi style approach that you would see in a gossip magazine of women arriving/leaving a clinic.

Why call it Scar Gazing?

‘Scar Gazing’ as a title and concept fit hand in hand. Much like paparazzi photography, I wanted to make the images appear to be of someone at a distance, lurking in the bushes, trying to catch the ‘money shot’ of rich bitches in their post-surgery guise.

Scar Gazing by Harry J Bartlett

scar gazing

pink wig 1

Photography & Styling: Harry J Bartlett
Photographic Assistant: Leo Sharp

Harry J Bartlett

Digital Content Creator, lover of fashion, drag queen connoisseur and all around phenomenal human being. If I had to describe myself in 3 words I would say; Gorgeous, Talented and Humble.

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