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#StreetStylePolaroids George Skeggs

George Skeggs x Harry J Bartlett 1I spotted this impeccably dressed man having a coffee in Soho last week and I needed to get a picture of him. George Skeggs is one of London’s sharpest dressers who sees himself as “part of the furniture”, I have seen him around various parts of London numerous times and as I had my FujiFilm Instax 210 on me, I thought that this time I needed to capture the essence of this man’s style.

George wears;
Hat: Stephen Jones
Dress Coat & Trousers: Mark Powell
Shirt: Satorial
Bow Tie & Pocket Square: Italian Silk
Shoes: Best Of BritishGeorge Skeggs x Harry J Bartlett 2

Harry J Bartlett

Digital Content Creator, lover of fashion, drag queen connoisseur and all around phenomenal human being. If I had to describe myself in 3 words I would say; Gorgeous, Talented and Humble.

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