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Victoria Beckham’s British Vogue October 2018 Shoot Gives Us Serious Spice Girls Nostalgia

British Vogue is giving me all the feels with the little teaser they’ve given for their October 2018 issue. This year’s cover stars are the “second royal family” – that is, of course, Victoria Beckham and her clan. They’ve been the British tabloid superstars and they’ve become global megastars with a huge brand attached to their family name.


Being a young child of the 90’s, the Spice Girls reigned supreme and for me, Posh was the queen. Both her and her husband, David Beckham, took the world by storm when they started dating.

She was a wag’s ultimate goal and he was a wag’s wet dream – together, they made a great pair. Now, the couple has had 4 kids, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven. Yes, they all sound like vitaminwater flavours.

Victoria Beckham British Vogue October 2018

To celebrate 1 whole decade after first showcasing herself as a designer in New York, British Vogue wanted to celebrate the former girl band legend and award-winning designer, Victoria Beckham.

For the first time, Victoria’s fashion brand will arrive at London Fashion Week after 10 years of shows in New York.


But sure, a stylish set of photographs of one of the world’s most famous women is cute, but what makes this extra special is the brilliant short ‘behind-the-scenes’ film that British Vogue teased of Vicky B’s shoot. And honestly, it’s a work of art!

In the video, we get to see Posh interact with Vogue’s Edward Enninful in a pretty hilarious ‘faux-diva’ persona, much like Mariah Carey’s infamous characteristics – but much more minimalist and classy.

Not only do we get to see some cheeky nod’s to her 90’s and 00’s fashion that makes us all reminisce about ‘Girl Power’ fondly, but we get to see Victoria’s sense of humour pop out. No honestly, I think she’s a funny woman!

Victoria Beckham is nothing short of a comedy genius… A bold statement, but please trust me

So many people see Posh Spice as a po-faced fun sponge. But I think she’s got a hidden comedic side to her.

But why do we all think she’s so uptight? Maybe it’s the constant pouting in paparazzi photos? But come on, that would be annoying for anyone.

In fact, she’s had a pretty good history when it comes to being a funny woman. She stole the show when it came to the Spice Girls’ Christmas advert for Tesco.

She was a bloody good sport when both she and David took part in a Comic Relief interview with Ali G. And there were some very risque questions asked there which she completely got on board with and laughed off.

And who could forget this Oscar-worthy 1998 performance in Spice World: The Movie:

Yes, that was a scene in which the Spice Girls go to visit a boy in a coma and Posh Spice shouts at him because she thinks he’s asleep. It’s poetic really.

But enough about her vast CV of comedy gold, have a gander at her newest piece of brilliance.

Written and directed by Isaac Lock, ‘Victoria Beckham: A Decade of Elegance‘ celebrates her 10th anniversary as a designer is the next comedy show we need.

And if all else fails, just remember, she won’t dance around like a fool for anybody… Victoria Beckham is a true diva.

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