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#StreetStylePolaroids — London Fashion Week Men’s SS19

Another season is done! I swear each one seems to come around quicker and quicker. This time I was a bit more prepared. I was ready with camera in hand and I brought more packs of film with me for the adventure. I had my trust ‘Taz Cam‘ with me and a hell of a lot of film to accompany. All I needed now was to find some interesting looking people to photograph. The #StreetStylePolaroids are back!

My rare 1999 Looney Tunes x Polaroid Originals TAZ CAM

Thankfully, London Fashion Week Men’s has an abundance of quirky and colourful characters who are more than happy to stop for a photo (especially when they see that it’s in a Polaroid format). The art of ‘peacocking’ certainly hasn’t died yet.

I feel that even though polaroids will never have the same ‘hype’ that they did when they originated, there’s now a rather loyal and nostalgic fanbase to support it. Because of this, the Polaroid Originals website now creates magical film, coloured frames, gold and silvers, blue and pink monochromes and other brilliant pieces of artistry to keep polaroids alive. And I applaud them for it!

“Nostalgia is the new black and I’m all for it!” – Harry J Bartlett

Harry J Bartlett #StreetStylePolaroids
Harry J Bartlett – Day 2 of London Fashion Week Men’s Spring/Summer 19 in the 180 Strand Designer Show Rooms

In the long run, I’d love to create a project or photo book of my #StreetStylePolaroids over the years of LFWM’s & LFW’s. I think this could be a perfect homage to a camera that paved the way for innovative design with current designer’s innovative creations.

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LFWM SS19 #StreetStylePolaroids

Of course, I got a cheeky picture of myself thrown in for good measure, I’d be mad not to.

 Companies like Instax is another great example of instant-process photography that has had a major resurface – mainly from female university students who shop at Urban Outfitters and want to share their memories with a real life mood board, not Pinterest. Because of the accessibility (and cheaper film – approx £1 per shot) Instax has managed to steal the spotlight from Polaroid with a new demographic. However, nothing will quite beat the square film, again, Instax know this and have recently developed a new camera capable of producing square film, the Square SQ6, will it live up to Polaroid’s unbelievably big bench mark? Who knows, but I’d be intrigued to find out.

You may remember when I first started shooting my #StreetStylePolaroids project, it was all shot on Instax wide film – at the time, it was cheaper for me and that was a real selling point.

Overall, I’ve become really attached to shooting polaroid street style. There are so many brilliant street style photographers out there that work GQ, Fucking Young and Vogue. I’m just wanting to do some fun documentation for myself. So polaroids are a great way for me to stand out amongst the established.

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