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London Fashion Week Men’s SS19 — Here We Go Again!

London Fashion Week Men’s has rolled around pretty quick! It only feels like last week when I was last here in January. This year I’m wanting to commit a bit more time to my blog (as you’ve probably all been noticing) so LFWM will be the perfect way to kick off the new “me”.


I had quite a lot of fun last season attending menswear with my trusty ‘Taz Cam‘ polaroid camera. So this season I’m doing it all again! The camera got a lot of attention last year which was great so this year I’ve bought even more film and I plan on (hopefully) shooting even more #StreetStylePolaroids this season.

Taz Cam London Fashion Week Men's

I’ve bought a hell of a lot of film to shoot street style with this season and I may even give a couple of runway shows a whirl with the camera. Here’s hoping all goes well.

Honestly, I wish Polaroid would sponsor me at this point. It costs me an arm and a leg to shoot this – but I do love it.

The film is currently chilling in the fridge. It’s the best way to store it and it keeps the film healthy and happy.

I’ll be uploading the #StreetStylePolaroids to the blog when I return from menswear. Be patient, it could be a lot of film to scan!

What am I wearing to London Fashion Week Men’s SS19?

As I write this blog post, I’m still sat in a pair of joggers trying to figure out what to wear while looking aimlessly at a blank suitcase. Honestly, I’m not going to get on my train at this rate so I better speed things up.

Currently I have a few bits and pieces in mind. As of yet, the weather doesn’t look particularly great so whether I wear a ‘summery’ out fit or not is debatable. But I’ll still be wearing something with a bit of panache – don’t you fret about that my dears!

Thankfully, but sadly at the same time, this season has reduced by one day. Great for having to plan attire, sad for getting a hugely varied amount of designers showing. With fast fashion and prices increasing, designers aren’t making the money they once were through fashion shows.

Could catwalk become a dying art that is only available for the elite couture houses? I sincerely hope not.

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