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Snow Day in Leeds Lockdown #OOTD

I thought I’d share a quick little update with you all. As I’m sure you know (and most of you will relate to) we’ve hit our 3rd lockdown and it’s my second lockdown where I’m living on my own and trying to stay motivated, entertained and creative. The weather has been pretty naff recently which has only fuelled the tediousness of Lockdown 3.0 so I thrived at the chance to enjoy a snow day and a long walk. Honestly, it was needed today and I think it has helped motivate me to blitz on with some more home projects, decorating, and life admin again. Fingers crossed it doesn’t become treacherous ice too soon.

So before I dig in, what have I been up to?

Well… a few bits, but not as quickly as I would have liked. I’ve been mentally and physically preparing myself to do some more decorating and rearranges of my house. I’ve planned the next three rooms to focus on. (1. Decorating the living room. 2. Painting and hanging pictures in the hallway. 3. Getting shelves built for the cellar).

Other than that I’ve really thrown myself into my Sassicism project. I’ve just sent off my second batch of designs off for printing so they should be ready to sell in the coming week *fingers crossed* and I think I’ve got some fun new designs to showcase. I will definitely get another blog post ready to showcase that work for you all.

“Dammit Janet” @sassicism piece inspired by Rocky Horror Picture Show which will be part of my latest batch of prints for sale

“But enough about me” as all cringe dates in romcoms go, let’s see my little snow day adventure!

I’m quite blessed that I have a rather pleasant park 2 minutes away from my house. Honestly, in the first lockdown, I think I went 5-6 days a week consistently for my “one daily exercise” that we were allowed to do.

When I woke up in the morning and noticed 5 inches of snow (which I think got to 8 inches in the end) I knew it was time to grab my wellies and go for a scenic stroll.

harry j Bartlett snow day

Faux Fur Hat & Old Lady Coat: Charity Shops in Falmouth
Aviator Glasses: Ollie Quinn
Grey Hoodie: Nike
3-Stripe Skinny Fit Joggers: Adidas
Wellies: Wherever Wellies Are From 🤷🏻‍♂️

Not only did I have a lovely long walk, I also played on the swings and the zipline because well… nostalgia am I right?

All in all, I would say it was a rather lovely day and a much needed mental reset.

Harry J Bartlett

Harry J Bartlett is a UK based journalist, blogger and photographer. During his time at university, Harry started exploring the concepts of ‘The Youth of Today’, capturing subculture trends and narratives. From here, Harry continued to focus on the ideologies of ‘Urban Youth’.

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