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Karl Sells Chanel On The Seashore And Chanel Karl Sells Is SS19 I’m Sure

Not for a very long time has a show gripped me so much that I felt obliged to write about it. I’m serious! Yes, Chanel does have the budget of dreams, but you can see why the brand has the money it does after seeing their beautiful presentations – and this one is a whole new level of phenomenal.

Chanel is known for their spectacular catwalk presentations and their Spring/Summer 2019 show completely changed the way a fashion show is presented. They built a beach inside Paris’ Grand Palais – a beach!

Chanel SS19

Chanel is known for their spectacular catwalk sets and this, of course, is no different. But the luxury brand took it to the next level with this heavenly beach paradise set. But the thing that impressed me the most was the fact that they had created actual ocean waves to hit the beach!

Life’s A Beach At The Chanel SS19 Show

The models entered the sandy haven next t the beach hut at the end of the room where they then walked along the beach, occasionally dipping their feet in the water as they walk along the shores.

The Chanel SS19 show certainly does look like the dream holiday destination. We have lifeguard towers, wooden beach a secluded beach and some gorgeous clothing.

Check out the video below to see how spectacular the Chanel SS19 show truly was!

One of the details about the show that I really loved was how the models all started the show walking barefoot on the sand and in the shores whilst carrying their footwear.

When the models got to the end of the seafront, they then put on their shoes/sandals/sliders and proceeded to walk around the wooden boardwalk.

It was certainly one of the happiest shows Karl Lagerfeld has ever done for Chanel. The finale saw all the models running along the beach holding hands and smiling as they waved their shoes in the air.

As the models enjoyed one last frolick on the sand, Karl Lagerfeld exited the beach hut on the jetty to wave at the crowd.

What was Karl’s inspiration for Chanel SS19?

The set was inspired by Lagerfeld’s childhood holiday getaway on the island of Sylt. Sylt is a German, anchor-shaped island in the Frisian archipelago in the North Sea.

The island is known for its long sandy beaches, traditional candy-striped lighthouses and thatched-roof cottages.

The guests treated the show like a mini Fashion Week holiday

Guests who enjoyed the environment were Poppy Delevigne, Vanessa Paradis and Pharrell Williams who all got photos on the seashore.

It was smiles all around at the show. In fact, once the show had wrapped up, we were treated to a pretty amazing nostalgic moment in the form of Pamela Anderson.

Pamela took her shoes off and had a frolick in the artificial ocean which was one part Baywatch and two parts iconic!

Chanel doesn’t do ordinary ‘beach bags’

Honestly, I think the whole show was stellar. I don’t often get too giddy about Chanel as I like to focus on menswear and things that I may one day actually be able to afford. However, this show grabbed my attention, not just for the set but for the bags!

Of course, they had their usual beautiful bags, but they had a few fun pieces too and for me, these kitsch pieces were much more desirable.

This seashell bag was honestly one of my favourite pieces from the collection. Why? Because why wouldn’t you want a pearly white shell with an embossed Chanel logo.

Another piece that caught my attention was the beautifully spherical ball. Sure, this isn’t revolutionary for Chanel but the fact that it’s striped in black and a champagne colour with Chanel written on it makes it look like the worlds most desirable beach ball.

My ‘Must-Have’ piece from the collection

Now, there was only really one piece that truly stood head and shoulders above the rest. It was quite simplistic, very minimalistic with a nice graphic detail and it was uber chic. Yes, it was womenswear but I know so many men who already want this piece.

“What is it?!” I hear you cry, well, it’s a simple white shirt. Honestly, but it’s so bloody beautiful and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

I know right?! Pretty darn stunning isn’t it. It’s so minimalist yet so well proportioned. In fact, I don’t even mind that it’s a women’s crop because of the bagginess of it.

The black Chanel embossed buttons are beautiful, the oversized breast pockets look lush and the huge collar gives me a semi. And don’t even get me started on the actual ‘Chanel’ emblazoned font across the pockets.

Honestly, this was lush and there was a lot of other pieces that stood out but this shirt really grabbed my attention.

If somebody would be so kind as to buy this for me, I would be eternally grateful and forever in your debt.

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