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Yearbook: Harry J Bartlett x Rhian Israel

harry j bartlett x rhian israel 1 copy

So thrilled to be the front cover of Yearbook which was shot by Rhian Israel who is a fantastic young photographer.
Yearbook is a bi-annual magazine dedicated to showcasing the best of students work at Falmouth University. Each issue aims to include the work of current students and those that have graduated and gone on to do amazing things!
The team also won an award for Best Magazine Concept which (I’m told) was quite a tough competition this year.
I would definitely have a gander and see what some of Cornwall’s up and coming creatives are doing and please have a read of my quick interview on page 8-9.
Have a read of the magazine here:

Also, feel free to check out Tara (Editor-In-Chief)’s blog and have a good look at Rhian’s photography work

harry j bartlett x rhian israel 2 copy

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