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RuPaul’s Drag Race S12 Ep3: The World’s Worst

I’m just going to throw it out there, I thought this episode was DREADFUL! Legitimately, it was fitting that the episode was called The World’s Worst because this episode is definitely up there. Like the ‘The Bossy Rossy Show‘ challenge of Season 10, this improv challenge felt too forced into a narrative due to Ross Matthew’s bad puns and awkward pre-made characters.

Anyway, this was the moderately-anticipated moment we saw all the queens come together. Will they love each other, will they hate each other? Will it be the same as Season 6’s drama? Probably.

The queens had a bit of interaction with each other. The first week did a lot of bragging (mainly from Brita who loves mentioning she’s from New York) and the other team responded with Jan at the helm of the revolution. It did make me laugh that the 1st team didn’t disclose their dramas like the 2nd group.

The Shadiest Mini Challenge

It isn’t a new concept as we saw it on Drag Race UK and it was a classic drama-starting task. For that reason, they’ve brought it to Season 12. As the winners of the first and second week, Widow Von’Du and Jaida Essence Hall would front the challenge. Each winner had to rank the queens as a threat from the alternate group.

Gigi and Sherry were both ranked as the biggest threats and Aiden and Heidi we ranked as the weakest competition.

PLOT TWIST – this week’s challenge requires 4 teams. Jaida and Widow are team captains and the lowest ranking queens also get to be team captains. This is Heidi and Aiden’s chance to show what they can do.

The Maxi Challenge – The World’s Worst

The girls had to improv an audition for ‘The World’s Worst’ – inspired by shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

The judges were none other than Ross Matthew’s ‘Bossy Rossy’ character (from that challenge I didn’t like back on Season 10), Charro and… Ornacia?! The jokes that came from Ornacia were just bizarre and stilted. It made the World’s Worst challenge even more… well, worse.

I really wasn’t a fan of this challenge so I won’t go into too much detail. The teams were divvied up and they were given a concept/character/backstory to work with. Honestly, I think some of these choices were dog shit and that’s why the challenge didn’t work. At times, the characters were so odd that I felt it stifled the improv and creativity of the queens.

Anyway, let’s get straight into each team. Because I want to get this episode to go away.

The Del Rio Trio: Heidi, Gigi & Jackie

When people get given an old lady character, the first thing they tend to do is shake and rattle and that’s all these guys did. There wasn’t any real characterisation.

The bit where they disguised Gigi’s heart attach was funny but it happened too quick – like literally before they even entered the room! Then… Quelle surprise, they all had heart attacks and Gigi survived – yay.

Squirrel Scouts: Widow, Crystal & Nicky

This was not good. Widow had some funny moments pretending to be a shitfaced child. Crystal fell a little flat and Nicky was awful – there was just nothing about her character. This was the worst team in the World’s Worst challenge in my opinion.

3 Sisters, 1 Brain: Aiden, Sherry & Brita

This one really made me laugh. It was a drag, painful to watch and utterly hilarious. I love how trashy the girls all looked. Aiden looked like a Vegas gambler, Sherry looked like Divine and Brita looked the oldest working girl in the business. The sketch was hilarious – the trio had a lot of awkward moments that just made it funny to watch. I say funny… the best of the World’s Worst.

Brita did a good job in this challenge, but for how much she slagged off Aiden, I didn’t feel like she was that much of an improvement. All three did a great job but Sherry captained the team.

Fruity Patooties: Jaida, Jan, Dahlia & Rock

After all her panic about what role to play, Rock did a great job with the orange. There are no small parts, just small actors. Jan had me howling with her facial expressions, Jaida was alright – Dahlia’s performance was unbelievably uncomfortable to watch. She stumbled through improv, she paused a lot and she had no form of humour in her character.

Dahlia was one of those awkward car crashes in a challenge where you can’t help but look away, even though you know its tragic.

Back in the werkroom

Ooooooooh Brita is a bit of a nasty twat isn’t she? Christ on a bike, she really doesn’t like Aiden. Sure Aiden might not have given much input into the direction of the challenge, but I think she worked well in the group and was on par with Brita at least.

I think Brita’s detest towards Aiden is going to become a bit of a running theme. But enough about that, on to the runway!

Category Is: Buttons & Bows – Toot or Boot

Jaida Essence Hall – Boot

World's Worst Jaida Essence Hall

This was pretty basic. There’s nothing much to say, I just wasn’t a fan. I love the tiered coloured edge on the skirt but that was about it. The buttons around her waist look like a pixelated fanny on its side.

Dahlia Sin – Boot

World's Worst Dahlia Sin

I liked the idea but something just didn’t work for me. I think it was the cut at the bottom of the dress looked a little meh. The shoes were cute and the colours were interesting but it all looked a little bit muddy to me.

Rock M. Sakura – Boot

Like the concept, hate the execution. I wasn’t a fan of the makeup, the dress was really frumpy and the gingham in the dress was darker than the bows which I didn’t like. The wig was a fun idea but wasn’t the best execution.

Jan – Toot

Adore this so much. This is how you do a ‘buttons and bows’ runway. I really don’t need to say much – this was truly spectacular.

Jan voodoo Drag Race the World's Worst

Heidi N Closet – Boot

Okay, so I thought this outfit was fun but hear me out – if I hadn’t seen Milk do the Pinnochio nose on Season 6, this would have been a toot. Milk’s outfit was a lot more editorial and this was just more of a costume.

Gigi Goode – Toot

I love the simplicity of this but yet the execution is flawless. The wig was absolutely stunning. This shade of orange is my absolute favourite colour and the matching accessories and thigh-high boots look lush. Great job.

Jackie Cox – Boot

I liked the concept of Jackie’s outfit. I got the Mary Poppins Returns reference but I think it looked too much like a rental costume. The hat was atrocious which is ultimately what made me boot this look.

Widow Von’Du – Toot

As costumes go, I actually quite liked this one. It was a little bit different, the jacket was nice, the colourful buttons were used on all the black parts of the outfit which made them stand out and the giant buttons on the jacket and cuffs were a nice touch. The eye makeup was also rather fun. I don’t think she needed the giant moustache as a unibrow – this look would have still worked without it but it was a fun change.

Cyrstal Methyd – Toot

I rather like this. It’s quite simple but it feels very contemporary. The skirt and top made to look like a present are cute. The big bow on the wig, the matching gloves and the button-covered boots are all a really cute touch.

Nicky Doll – Toot

I thought this was a really fun and clever outfit. I love the concept of having Cinderella’ outfit mid-construction with some help from her friendly mice. There’s nothing much more to say, it was a great garment and a brilliant runway idea.

Aiden Zhane – Boot

Awful. I weirdly like how bad this is. Bows in the same wig, some bows on a gross jumper, a few buttons attached to her shoes, it’s garbage but it did make me laugh. The audacity to bring this to the runway gave me life.

Brita – Boot

I don’t love it, I don’t hate it. It’s a boot for me. The dress was nice at the top with the bow details. I wasn’t too keen on the skirt where it cuts open and the shoes looked like she’d stuck her feet in a trifle. I do however think it looks better than Jaida’s look which was similar.

Sherry Pie – Toot

I absolutely loved this. The dress was stunning, the giant bow was equally incredible. Her legs, her hair, the makeup was all on point. I especially loved the sunglasses that looked like giant buttons but the best bit was when Sherry took them off and she had big black eyes – spooky doll.

The results

No surprises here, Sherry snatched the win this week with Heidi and Jackie in the top spots. Crystal narrowly avoided the lipsync meaning that the two pretty peaches (Dahlia and Nicky) would battle it out this week to see who would be the first to leave the competition.

The Lipsync – Problem by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

Honestly, both queens did a pretty shit job. I honestly think it could have been a double elimination. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

World's Worst

In the end, Dahlia was eliminated and fuck a duck, the girl was pissed. I mean, obviously it sucks to be the first one to be sent home but when you’ve hyped yourself as this gorgeous threat to the rest, it’s really awkward.

Oh well, somebody’s gotta go home first. Nicky was safe for another day in the competition.

Either way, I wouldn’t think too much about it – this was possibly the world’s worst challenge (apart from that Shakesqueer one from Season 7).

How has that affected the scores?

I wasn’t a fan of this challenge and I love comedy, acting and improv. The World’s Worst? Yes, it probably was. Personally, this felt too overly decided and produced and it limited what the queens could do. Still, Sherry deserved to win and I think the right queen went home.

Winner:  Sherry Pie – 5 Points
Top:  Heidi N Closet, Jackie Cox– 3 Points
Safe: Aiden Zhane, Brita, Jaida Essence Hall, Jan, Rock M Sakura, Gigi Goode, Widow Von’Du – 1 Point
Bottom: Crystal Methyd – 0 Points
Lipsync: – Nicky Doll -1 Point
Eliminated: – Dahlia Sin -3 Points

I’ve managed to gain 7 points this week, taking my total to 19 points. Tom got 6 points which takes his total to 14 points. As a lone contender, Widow Von’Du is on 6 points. Let’s just hope next week goes from the world’s worst to something passable.

Drag Race The World's Worst results

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