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It’s Coming Home – Sassicism

“It’s Coming Home, It’s Coming. Football’s Coming Home!” proclaimed every het in existence. Football fever had taken over the UK and while I thought I would most likely stay at home to avoid the chaos, I couldn’t help but create a little Sassicism piece to commemorate the festivities – oh yeah, and I accidentally went out and got utterly twatted.

I think I saw more England flags than a National Front march this during the Euros and I’ve heard Vindaloo screamed over and over again. If there’s one blessing it has to be that Atomic Kitten reformed with their updated rendition of “Whole Again” and Footballer’s Wives memes have been all over my Instagram account.

But we’re not here for all that – we’re here to have a cheeky little gander at my latest creation.

It’s Coming Home – Sassicism

I knew I wanted to create a piece inspired by football hooligans all over the world – why not? I thought it was fun to add some big het energy to my monumentally camp Sassicism project. What’s more “lad” than a football fan drenched in faceprint and aggressive patriotism? Nothing!

Portrait of a Young Man by Antonis Mor, 1558

I went on the hunt for a painting of a man in a regal stance. I wanted to find someone in relatively minimalist clothing that I could turn into a football kit. Portrait of a Young Man by Antonis Mor (1558) was the perfect painting for this piece (sorry for the alliteration).

The hand on the hip made for a perfect form to hold an old leather football – I slapped an England crest on his chest and began working on the face paint.

It's Coming Home by Harry J Bartlett for Sassicism, 2021
It’s Coming Home by Harry J Bartlett for Sassicism, 2021

I’m really happy with the results of this image. I wanted to make the face paint appear to be sweating off his skin – I partially erased sections and blurred the white face paint in his forehead creases and around the eyes and cheeks. It was important that I made the England cross appear to be sloppily applied with varying colours to add a texture to the makeup. I blurred and smeared it again to give the illusion of a fan spending a full day at the football.

Its Coming Home by Harry J Bartlett / Sassicism

This piece took me around an 90 minutes (the length of a standard football match). I even had an influx of ‘straight’ fans hit my Sassicism page due to this piece. So that was a nice treat.

Who knows, maybe we’ll take it home at the World Cup. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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