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Harry Styles Is The New Face Of Gucci – What We Know So Far

Is his name a sheer fluke? I sincerely doubt it. Harry Styles, is a legitimate style icon. The former floppy-haired golden boy of One Direction has been making waves since the band decided to go on hiatus.

He’s got the wardrobe I want on the budget I can’t afford.

It seems the One Direction boys have truly gone off in different directions, with each member targeting different genres of the music industry (granted, some not as strong as others *cough* Louis *cough*).

His debut solo album was a huge success and it also paved the way for his new über cool visual. The new era of the Harry Styles takeover is a cross between Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix and it’s as retro and rockstar as you could ever hope for.

There’s a real air and sophistication to his new-found fashion (not that he was poorly dressed before, but his look has most certainly elevated). Flared trousers, floral patterns, silks and chiffons galore, it’s a modern take on an eccentric dandy.

This being said, it may come as no surprise to find out that Harry Styles has become the new face of Gucci‘s latest tailoring campaign. Of course he has, Styles is the human embodiment of where the brand aims to be in the not so distant future.

To be perfectly honest, I’m surprised it’s taken Gucci this long to get Mr Styles onboard. But fear not, it’s happening now and that’s what we want. Let’s be honest, he’s a good looking man that most of us would love to be (or at least be able to be like).

But what will be the inspiration for the campaign, will it be the glamour and glitz of fame, the rock and roll grit, elegance and sophistication? Well, if you thought it’d be any of those, you’d be miles off.

The location we know of so far is actually far from the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Gucci’s latest tailoring campaign has been shot in the humdrum suburbia of St Albans. 

A little teaser on the official Gucci Instagram account shows a sign from a local fish and chip shop with Harry Styles’ head poking into frame underneath.

It’s been reported that the owner of the fish and chip shop has been paid upwards of £20,000 to have the young rockstar filmed in his restaurant. Other locals have been said to have been paid £50-£100 just for moving their cars for the shoot.

Kids from local schools have also been said to be featuring in the campaign as extras.

Not much else is known about the campaign for now, we only have these images of Harry’s attire to go off, which is quite shabby chic. Though I must say, I’m rather enjoying the bold pink socks and the pale loafers.

“Hand and hound: peeking on set with @harrystyles for the new #GucciTailoring campaign.” Photo: @gucci / Instagram

We’re expecting more teasers to be released over the coming weeks. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for this collection to surface. Will we get bright colours? Exquisite tailoring, a nod to suburban life and the suit cuts of yesteryear?

Most likely we’re going to get some broody stares and many giddy teenage girls across the land suddenly having Gucci on their radar thanks to this British heartthrob.

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