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Tatler’s Best Dressed List @ LC:M

I shit you not, I made it onto Tatler magazine’s list of best dressed men of the week at London Collections: Men AW14.
‘But what does it take to make it onto the list?’ I hear you ask. Everything I wore was 100% affordable.

You don’t need a Burberry suit to look good, I know that I couldn’t afford that! All it takes is a bit of accessorising and a playful attitude to achieve an outfit worthy of photographing.

This season both of my suits were from Topman, thats right, Topman. Not a bespoke tailors or Saville row, my ties were my designer accessories this season and my shoes were very generously donated to by my granddad.

Tatler’s Best Dressed List

Now, all the people in this list are rather well known names in the fashion industry and the public eye, so I have no idea how I managed (as a student) to be rubbing shoulders with some very big names.

Tatler’s write up was really nice and quirky and out of all of them, I found mine to have a fair bit of humour behind it. And we all know that I love a good sense of humour.

To have a gander at Tatler’s Best Dressed of the Week list, click here:

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 20.29.39
Harry J Bartlett Tatler's Best Dressed List
tatler's best dressed list3 Piece Suit: Topman
Tie: Vivienne Westwood
Shirt: Topman
Shoes: Mister (vintage)

Credit: Marcus Dawes for Tatler’s Best Dressed List

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