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London Collections: Men – Fashion Illustration Teaser

I am very excited to announce that the very talented illustrator, Trystan Matthey will be creating a series of weird and whimsical creatures based on my London Collections Men attire for this upcoming AW15 season.
Five unique drawings will be created, featuring my outfits for each day of LCM. I think this lighthearted look on fashion and street style will be a fun project for both as I won’t know what creatures are created until they are sent to me each day. I look forward to seeing what bizarre monsters will emerge and what attire they will be sporting (as I still don’t know what I will be wearing yet).
Here is a little teaser of what you can expect to see:
harry j bartlett x trystan matthey teaser

If you like what you see, I would strongly suggest checking out his Instagram – @tribandej
For other enquires, go to his Facebook page –

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