Harry J Bartlett
Currently based in Leeds
Studied: BA (Hons) Fashion Photography at Falmouth University.
Aspiring Creative Director
Twitter & Instagram: @HarryJBartlett

Harry J Bartlett is a UK based fashion and product photographer. During his time at university, Harry started exploring the concepts of ‘The Youth of Today’, capturing subculture trends and narratives. From here, Harry continued to focus on the ideologies of ‘Urban Youth’.

Features: Candid, Dash, Atlas, Toast

“Fashion has always played a big part in my life and it’s something I think about every day and it’s become a mild obsession. CLOTHES FASCINATE ME and I think they always have for as long as I can remember. I see garments as a sculpture, a piece of art to wear and something to look at in admiration and for inspiration. The world is intrigued by what people wear outside of the catwalk more than ever before and I feel like this is what influenced my stylings within my photography.”

If you wish to contact me about anything, feel free to comment on my blog, send me a tweet or email me through my Instagram (@HarryJBartlett).